Former Picnic Ground Site

The area adjacent to this sign was the site of much of Kapunda’s early social activity.

The intention of the Forestry Board was “to create a section within the reserve and around the reservoir that was picturesque - a setting that locals could enjoy”.

They did - and many school picnics and various other social gatherings were held here.

Amenities included a shelter shed (pictured here), an asphalt tennis court, three stone chimneys with open fires (which equated to crude BBQ’s) and two ‘long-drop’ toilets.

Many ‘golden oldies’ still remember the Golden North ‘Dandy’ ice-cream tubs – kept cold in a large canvas bag of ‘dry ice’.

After the trees were harvested and lifestyles slowly changed, the area gradually became neglected until recently when a group of enthusiastic volunteers took it upon themselves to ‘preserve the reserve’.

Local resident throwing a boomerang. Circa 1970. The three cement-filled steel posts are all that remain of the shelter shed.